Propain Rage Carbon 2019 available in 29″ and 27.5″

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The Rage Carbon in 29” has already been tested diligently this season in the Downhill World Cup. British racer Phil Atwill and the newly crowned Austrian national champion David Trummer switched immediately to the big wheels after the first test ride. The Rage Carbon is now available with big wheels to all ambitious downhill racers.

Rage Carbon Performance 29 (left) and the Rage Carbon Highend 27.5 (right)

The Carbon frame didn’t need to be adapted for the conversion to 29”. The only things to change are the upper and lower rocker arms to optimize the height of the bottom bracket to 29” wheels, and the headset cups to compensate for the higher fork. All the parts for the conversion will also be available to purchase separately at a later date. The rear wheel’s jump from 27.5” to 29” is completely unproblematic thanks to the flip chip in the dropouts. The innovative reach adjustment could also be retained on the Rage Carbon 29. This gives the rider the possibility to vary the reach by a total of 12 mm, from +6 mm to -6 mm.

The Rage Carbon 29 is available immediately – and that’s alongside the existing Rage Carbon 27.5”, not instead of it. Junior rider Henry Kerr has proven this season that 27.5” doesn’t have to be any less fast, achieving an outstanding second-place finish in the Overall World Cup.

Henry Kerr – 2nd Overall World Cup – Rage Carbon 27.5

The choice between 29” and 27.5” is therefore clearly a question of preference. According to Propain, however, it makes little sense for riders under 1.77 m to opt for 29” as the big rear wheel restricts the movement of riders below this minimum recommendation, negating the benefits. For this reason, Propain is only offering the Rage Carbon 29 in frame sizes L/XL.

Phil Atwill with his Rage Carbon 29


Propain is going in a new direction with the Specs. With the brand-new website and a new configurator it’s possible to adjust every part. Propain only provides recommendations from Start through Performance to Highend, which serve as a starting point for the configuration and can be changed at will. Thus, customers can decide for themselves how to combine their parts. If the preferences apply to the suspensions, a Highend fork and shock can very easily be combined with an entry-level drive train.


The Rage Carbon 27.5 and 29 can be ordered immediately in the colors Silver, Mint, and Carbon Raw from the online shop. In combination with three decal colors, this gives the customer many color options. For all those who are still undecided, or for those who want to convert their existing Rage Carbon frames, Propain offers two separate wheel size upgrade kits for 27.5->29 and for 29->27.5 soon. All further information can be found at!


The Rage Carbon Performance 29
Rage Carbon Highend 27.5
Rage Carbon Highend 27.5



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