R.I.P “Miracle Boy” – Dave Mirra

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Dave Mirra’s suicide news took the world by storm. We weren’t ready to believe the posts all over the internet, until it was confirmed when nearly all of the pro riders who were close to him were sharing the news. It was tragic and it was true.

February 4th 2016, The BMX world lost a golden soul, someone who took BMX to a global level and to every kid around the world.
Every kid wants a BMX, but before getting their hands on one they play this very cool video game called “Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX” That’s the kind of influence Mirra had across the globe.
So when the news got out about the suicide, not a single person could have imagined it to be true, for someone who has Hi-fived death on a daily basis throughout his career.

Mirra was like a superhero to every kid who has a BMX and no one can imagine that someone like Mirra would be so deeply depressed that he could take his own life.

Dave Mirra was truly someone who changed the face of BMX, and in a way that no other can.

Our hearts go out to his family and close ones.
Ride in peace.

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