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To SID or not to SID – Rock Shox SID RL 2012

By: Vaibhav Nijhowne

Also featured in Issue #8 | March 2012

For those of us well versed with RockShox, we should be aware of the SID lineup of forks from their stable. And for the benefit of the uninitiated, the SID lineup is the epitome of the XC fork out there! It’s the kind of stuff every XC buff’s dreams are made of! They are rugged, super lightweight, tunable and very reliable.


By the grace of god, some good timing and more than a bit of the green stuff, I have finally placed my hands upon the lowest of the RockShox SID lineup – The SID RL 2012 model! This may be the lowest in the range, but by Jove, is she a neat piece of equipment! This one is a featherweight at just 1500 gms! Comes with a PopLoc remote lockout, Dual Air Spring and Dual Flow Rebound. Needless to mention the Motion Control DNA damping that comes with all SID forks! More on these tech specs in our long term test.


At first ride, the first thing that comes to notice is the responsiveness of the fork. We rode it on rough terrain, singletrack and also did a few small jumps and obstacles to check it out. The Dual Air Spring really allows for superb tunability – there are separate air chambers for positive and negative air pressures. Positive air pressure determines the amount of force required to compress your fork, while the negative air pressure affects the amount of force required to initiate suspension travel. Unlike a Solo Air Spring, this fork allows you to set separate pressures for both these chambers; hence much more control on how the fork responds according to the terrain or the riders needs.


The Dual Flow rebound is also very sensitive and you can tell the difference with a few clicks of the external rebound control knob.

The PopLoc Remote is also very convenient and ergonomically designed so as to not foul with the rider or confuse with the gear shifters.

An initial conclusion would have to be an ‘A’ – with more on the technologies and performance of this fork in our long term test! Watch this space.


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