Rolling MTB Championship 2017

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A good send off to the hot Pune summers, Rolling MTB Championship 2017 saw over 40 participants racing over the weekend in Downhill and Cross Country. Conducted on the foot hills of Sinhagad, 30kms off Pune City, Rolling Bike Park had some roosty trails on the platter for racers.

A kilometer long descent had off-cambered sections and baby head rocks sticking out to test your suspension. With steep washy lines down the forest, full suspension and hardtailers gave their best to win the trophy and cash prize!

BMX spinner Bharat Manjrekar trying his hand at DH. Onto a 3rd place in hardtail category. \\ Photo: Nagesh Wagh.
Kolhapur’s Soham Bhonsle raced both XC and DH sharing good times along the way. \\ Photo: Nagesh Wagh.
Viraj Bhopatkar grabbed 2nd place on the podium in the hardtail class.
Ditching his full suspension for a hardtail, Ajay Padval raced to a top spot in the Hardtail category. \\ Photo: Nagesh Wagh.
Home boy, Rohan “RoGa” Gawade prepped the race venue until dawn and raced both DH and XC in his knock out style. \\ Photo: Nagesh Wagh.
Ruturaj Bhopatkar landed a 3rd spot in the Full Suspension Downhill Category. \\ Photo: Nagesh Wagh.
2nd place run by Pune’s Rugved Thite. \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye.
22 year old Piyush Chavan cranked his enduro+ rig to the top spot of the podium for the weekend. \\ Photo: Nagesh Wagh.
Hardtail WINNERS: 1st – Ajay Padval / 2nd – Viraj Bhopatkar / 3rd – Bharat Manjrekar.
DH Full Suspension: 1st – Piyush Chavan / 2nd – Rugved Thite / 3rd – Ruturaj Bhopatkar

Cross country race was in the “Eliminator” format, with 2 and 4 racers blasting out of the gate to race a lap distance of 1.25kms inside the Rolling Academy Bike Park facility. From amateurs to experts, the hot Sunday saw usual suspects on top of the podium.

Kolhapur’s Soham Bhonsle churning in. \\ Photo: Nagesh Wagh.
Rider: Aditya Wali \\ Photo: Nagesh Wagh.
Rider: Atharva Ambarkar \\ Photo: Nagesh Wagh.
Cross Country racers in the final round of the XC Eliminator format race. \\ Photo: Nagesh Wagh.
Pune’s Vitthal Bhosale is an experienced Cross Country ripper. Here’s him on the Winning run during the Rolling MTB Championship. \\ Photo: Nagesh Wagh.
Cross Country WINNERS: 1st – Vitthal Bhosale / 2nd – Dnyaneshwar Kashid / 3rd – Bheem Rokaya

Backpack Outdoors, Freerider MTB Magazine, Psynyde Bikes, Pro Sports n Bikes, all the energetic volunteers, riders, friends and family who supported in making this race a success!

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