Scurra: 2 – Unique Enduro Bike

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Introducing the all new, improved SCURRA :2 Enduro MTB 2016 with the revolutionary TRELEVER® front wheel suspension system. The SCURRA HARD ENDURO.


Crowdfunding campaign with all new, improved SCURRA 2 hard enduro bike has started.

It is possible that you have already noticed first SCURRA mountain bike because of it’s premiere in Las Vegas 2013. The team worked hard for three years to improve this “unique” invention and the time to reveal it’s final version has come.


What makes this bike so special?


TRELEVER! TRELEVER stands for the revolutionary front wheel suspension for single track vehicles. TRELEVER – based on parallelogramme technology – replaces the conventional telescope fork at its end of development potential. The combined adjustment of TRELEVER front and rear suspension effectively unloads bike frame structure and rider due to compensation of impact.


Some of the improved features are:
* Minimum response lag of the suspension
* Low unsuspended mass
* Low moment of inertia around the steering axle
* High rigidity of the suspension
* Kinematically adjustable brake pitch reconciliation (anti-dive effect)
* Low structural load of the frame and more.

The Scurra team stayed true to nature and a human strength, thus they did not implement any electric motor.

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