Shirui Lily MTB Downhill 2019 – Manipur, India

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Photos: Kahorpam Horam / Chiko Adventures

Ukhrul, Manipur in India was the action ground for the 3rd SHIRUI LILY MTB DOWNHILL race earlier this October. Part of the SHIRUI LILY FESTIVAL 2019, the race was organised by Chiko Adventures and Manipur Extreme Sports (MXS).

Shirui Lily MTB Downhill trophies on display at the venue in Manipur’s Ukhrul district
Shirui Lily MTB Downhill 2019 trophies.

A 1.3km course with features like wooden berms, jumps with an extended steep loose descent was on offer for the racers. The track was one of the tougher ones in the country, requiring expert skills to tackle the high speed and tech descent. Organised in the SHIRUI LILY valley, the attending riders enjoyed 3 days of camping and racing in the pristine valley.

From Pune, Maharashtra, Gautam Taode (GT Adventures) en-route to a 3rd spot finish on the podium.
Shillong, Meghalaya’s speedster and 2018-2019 North East downhill rider of the year, Apshai Niangti clocked the 2nd fastest time of the day in full-suspension category.
The Champion of Shirui Lily MTB Downhill Trophy 2019 – Guwahati, Assam’s, Ismamul Howk.
Winners of full suspension category.

Winners of Full suspension category:
1st – Ismamul Howk (Assam) (Rs.45,000/- cash prize)
2nd – Apshai G. Niangti (Meghalaya) (Rs.35,000/-)
3rd – Gautam Taode (Maharashtra) (Rs.15,000/-)

Nagaland’s Kevilebo Zhotsu pulled off the winning run in hardtail category, taking home the Rs.20,000/- cheque.
Winners of hardtail category.

Winners of hardtail category:
1st – Kevilebo Zhotsu (Nagaland) (Rs.20,000/- cash prize)
2nd – Ridor Niangti (Meghalaya) (Rs.10,000/-)
3rd – Master Bommo Riba (Arunachal Pradesh) (Rs.5,000/-)

Riders of full suspension category were given a consolation prize of RS.3000 each and Rs.1000 to the hardtail category.




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