Sigma BC 12.12 STS wireless computer

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Fancy phone applications like Strava and more are being used extensively to measure rides these days. We rarely get to see bicycle computers installed on mountain bikes these days. But we love to have one on the bike as they are somehow more reliable in measuring good ol’ distance and basic data like Avg Speed, Max speed etc for your satisfaction.

We decided to check out the Sigma BC 12.12 STS computer a while ago and are still using it happily.

As you all are aware, Sigma is a well-known big papa in manufacturing high quality bike computers. The BC 12.12 STS which comes with 12 functions for all everyday cyclists is no exception.

Sigma BC 12.12 STS is a wireless computer with great set of functions, easy to set up and use, small, good display size, easy to remove computer from mount when leaving the bike unattended.

This high quality computer has the following basic functions which can be operated by easily accessible buttons on front and back:

  • Current speed
  • Separate trip section counter with manual stop/start
  • Trip time
  • Trip distance
  • Maximum speed
  • Average speed
  • Comparison of cur. / avg. Speed

Other added cool function includes:

Fuel Saving Function – which displays how many gallons of gas your car would have used over the same distance.

Temperature – A very useful feature that is displayed all the time and gives you accurate current temperature reading.

The BC 12.12 STS also has a Low battery indicator & Memory chip to store all settings and total values

All these function are visible in full text display with large easy to read digits which is probably one of the main reason we like Sigma.

Setting it up this computer is tool-free and effortless – everything attaches with stretchy rubber rings, but you can use zip ties for extra security.

On the trails Sigma BC 12.12 STS has given us no issues till date and gives accurate readings. The equipment does not rattle when going over those rocky trails and the signal transmitting works without any issues.

The overall design is pretty simple yet cool. But we only wish if the sensor design was more compact as it needs to be adjusted occasionally (especially if you transport your bike in a car or if you ride through some nasty bushes or branches).

Sigma have been involved with cycling for over thirty years and produced the first bike computer back in 1982. They have come a long way with more options available which includes heart rate and cadence monitor to GPS. But if simplicity with basic functions which is not too heavy on the pockets is your thing then BC 12.12 STS is a good equipment to consider which can be bought online for INR 3500.

Sigma BC 12.12 STS is very reliable and gets the job done which bring this sweet little wireless gadget in our good books.

Sigma BC 12.12 STS and other computers are officially available in India and can be bought online through

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