Steve Peat | Exclusive interview

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Steve Peat | Exclusive interview

By: Vineet Sharma | Photos: Duncan Philpott

Also featured in Issue #8 | March 2012

Full Name: Steve Peat

Nickname: Peaty

Hometown: Sheffield, England

Favorite Drinks: Stella

FR MTB MAG: We have seen you shredding and winning – What’s the secret behind it?

PEATY: I have been racing for many years now and have had lots of wins and also loses, dealing with the loses is a big part of coming back the week after and winning!!!


FR MTB MAG: What are your favorite types of trails?

PEATY: Fast flowing terrain with a little bit of technical stuff thrown in there is best.



FR MTB MAG: Apart from riding and winning, what are your hobbies?

PEATY: I like to Play golf, ride Motorcycles and spend time with my wife and kids.


FR MTB MAG: Tell us about your current bike and what makes it so awesome?

PEATY: I am currently riding and testing the new Santacruz V10 ready for the 2012 race season, its light, fast and ultra awesome!!!!


 FR MTB MAG: What are you plans for 2012?

PEATY: I am planning on doing the whole World cup season, a few British Nationals and a selection of other races; I also have some big Video projects going on. “Won’t Back Down” is my movie I am working on with Clay Porter and John Lawlor which should be out at the end of the year. And I also have some web vids coming along called “This Is Peaty” Fillmed by Joe Bowman.


FR MTB MAG: Tell us more about Steve Peat Syndicate.

PEATY: The SPS is my development team based in the UK, we have 14 DH riders for 2012 and also a couple of Enduro racing guys. I get great satisfaction from helping the guys out and seeing when they do good at the races. It’s an awesome family atmosphere and we all enjoy being together.



FR MTB MAG: We believe there are many bikes in your garage, what is your favorite bike in your garage?

PEATY: DH racing is my main passion so the new V 10 has to be the best bike for me. But all my other Santacruz bikes are awesome in there own situation.


FR MTB MAG: If you could ride with your favorite rider anywhere in the world, where would you go and with whom?

PEATY: Damn! I have too many friends to name just one, but I would try and take, Brian Lopes, Josh Bryceland, Hans Rey, Sean Palmer, Kirt Vories and go somewhere warm with endless dusty downhill tracks with big burms to smash.


FR MTB MAG: What has been your most memorable race moment till date?

PEATY: There are a few, winning my first Worls cup back in 2008 was big, winning at Fort William was massive and winning the Word champs in Australia was Huge.


FR MTB MAG: Have you ever got a chance to observe the mountain biking scene of India, Nepal or Bhutan – What are your suggestions/tips for the new riders here? Do you ever plan to visit here and ride?

PEATY: I have not had chance to ride there yet but it sounds like a good place for a trip to check the trails out, I think the new riders just need to go ride and enjoy there surroundings, there is no better feeling than getting out on the bike and having fun with friends.




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