Summer Story

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Summer Story

By: Ajay Padval

Location: Pune, Maharashtra – INDIA

Also featured in Issue #22 | July 2014

Summer 2014 began with a bang!! Started off with me working in a Bollywood project (about which you’ll read in our next issue).

With money saved up from the project and working part time at a local bike shop I got “my first” dual suspension bike ..For which I’ve been dreaming for a long time.

IMG_7869_Apadval_Tuhin S photo

Soon I had Piyush Chavan on my caller’s list everyday planning rides for the local trails. First few rides were fun and thrilling. But soon we got used to the local trails… needed to do something we’ve been planning for a long time. After a few talks with some local people about some potential zones, we decided to scout and ride the hills approximately 40km in the west of Pune. Since we were in the middle of summer with temperature ranging between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius it was impossible to go that far riding in our bikes. After pleading Piyushs mom to let us drive the famous Maruti 800 to the spot we were off.


With the minty taste off toothpaste in our breath we were off for an early morning drive hoping to scout and ride some gnarly trails.

As we were getting closer to our destination, we had our necks popping out of the windows looking at some possible trails that could be ridden. Finally we decided a spot and parked our car by the road – got our bikes out of the car – got our riding gear on – and yeah, it was on! We were in the middle of nowhere looking for these hidden trails to put our tire treads on. The results seemed fruitful after pushing our bikes for a long time. Getting on top of the hill was another challenge and to remember the trail was another. Soon it was time to roll down this sketchy trail which was full of ruts and shrubs making it hard to ride. But we had fun riding it all the way.

mountain biking in India

Unfortunately none of us was or happy or convinced with the current location so we decided to hike up a mountain that we could see on the opposite side. Piyush and me were hungry and sweating like pig. After common struggle we completed the hike up the mountain under the sweltering sun.

We had scanned the trail nicely this time and we knew where the next turn and obstacle was. The ride started in no moment and soon we realized that we were wrong as a rock garden popped out of nowhere (which we never saw while hiking up) and bamm!! Few seconds later I see Piyush asking me if I’m alright. And I was… but bummed out and laying flat on the rock garden and the heat was making me mad.

MTB India



I got up and resumed the rode the rock garden. Did I mentioned we scanned the trail? Because we entered the woods which again were not observed during the hike.  This location was full of huge trees and a bit of humidity but the trail was super flowy which led us to a small shoot down the hill packed with natural berms and switchbacks and all the way to the road! Our mission was complete and we had found another epic trail in our hometown.

Driving back home with smiles on our faces from ear to ear pretty much explained how stoked we were with the new trails we rode in the summer of 2014. More runs soon.




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