Tangi Rebours | Rider Interview

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 Full Name:  Tangi Rebours

Nickname: Pimous

Hometown: Brest in Brittany, France

Favorite Drinks: Beer

Music: Electronic


FR MTB MAG: When did you start racing?

TANGI: I started racing XC and DH in 98 until 2002, and then it took me 10 years before I compete in another one. I am not really enthusiastic about racing but I will like to see the development of Enduro DH race in Nepal and India. I see more a future for Nepal and India in Enduro race rather than pure XC or DH race. We really have the right spot and the potential to organize some big Enduro DH races here


FR MTB MAG: You have been living in Nepal for decades. What do you like the most about this wonderful country?

TANGI: Trails everywhere, the Nepalese hospitality and of course the Dhal bat.



FR MTB MAG: We have always seen you racing, enjoying on Commencal bikes. What is it about Commencal bikes you like the most?




FR MTB MAG: Describe your riding style.

TANGI: People like to put some label, I just like to ride up and down, looking for freedom with my bike, but I have a preference when it’s going down.

FR MTB MAG: You have influenced so many riders in Nepal including many riders in India. What do you think about the progressing scene there?

TANGI: The scene in Nepal is growing day by day, more and more young riders are coming.
I think each local rider is the best ambassador for the sport as he will encourage his friends and family to practice, the number will extend, and then the level of riding will increase too.


FR MTB MAG: Your greatest achievement to date:

TANGI: To be able to share my passion and make a living with it.


FR MTB MAG: Tell us more about your current bike and what makes it so special?

TANGI: I have been riding the new Commencal Meta SX, it has 160 mm travel, the perfect bike to handle a climb and I have a blast on the downhill. The new suspension has even more grip than before and it’s more fun to ride; you really feel confident in any situation with it. It doesn’t need any maintenance and in more, it really looks sexy…I just love it.


FR MTB MAG: What are your current and future goals in life and what are you doing to achieve these goals?

TANGI: For the present, spend the maximum time to ride in the high mountain with my new Meta SX, I love to ride in Mustang…Try to find some time to make new video, time and motivation, sometimes I just want to ride my bike and I forget the rest.

For the near future, we plan to expand Commencal to India too with the same philosophy like in Nepal and Bhutan, helping to develop the sport at all the level and makes people have fun when they ride their bike, any kind of bike. I plan to visit again India in beginning 2013, meet as many local riders, share experience and have fun with them on the trails.

FR MTB MAG: You were involved in a video documentary in Mongolia recently, can you tell more about that project?

TANGI: Last summer I have been with Gary Thomas, a talented British filmmaker, to Mongolia. We were invited during 2 month in West of Mongolia to develop mountain biking.

The first mountain bike school of Mongolia should open next summer, there is an urge potential to ride and I am sure that the very young rider ( we started by teaching to kids of 5 years old ) will be really good rider and will continue to develop the sport in their own country.
I am already exited to go back next summer.

FR MTB MAG: Before we wrap it up, do you want to give any shout-outs or Words of advice?

TANGI: It doesn’t matter what other say to you. Just follow your own way…


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