The Hallstatt Wind Down – Fabio Wibmer

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An Austrian in the tire tracks of Danny MacAskill

Trial bikers are free spirits. They rarely have their wheels on the ground. Towns, mountain trails, steep descents and urban canyons are among their favorite playgrounds. One trick is chasing another, and in the end they present them as a video. Fabio Wibmer is one of them. He is from Kals at the Grossglockner and wants to conquer the whole world with his tricks – and his new video ‘The Hallstatt Wind Down’.


Fabio Wibmer is 20 years old, born in East Tyrol and strongly bound with his small bike. The sports management student is a professional. He shows his trial bike skills rather in videos or show performances than competitions. “Trial Bike is similar to the sport ‘Parkour’. The challenge is to complete difficult obstacles without dismounting. Of course as stylish as possible, which is self-evident”, says the East Tyrolean. He got his first bike for Christmas. At the time he was 15 years old. Since then, he eagerly studies the tricks of his competitors on the Internet. Unlike other sportsmen, Trial athletes need no coach. They coach themselves and are mostly on their own.


The focus is less on the athletic competition, but rather on the passion for cycling. “We are trying to enhance our daily tricks and enjoy our time on the bike. You can do Trial biking virtually anywhere and everywhere”, said Wibmer.

A Scottish idol and role model

The hero par excellence in the scene is the Scot Danny MacAskill. His debut video ‘Inspired Bicycles’ has been viewed 36 million times on YouTube. “Actually, I’ve really started with the sport because of Danny’s video. That was the initial spark for me. Since then, I knew that I can and that I want to do especially this”, says the 20-year- old. MacAskill has also noticed the talent of the young Austrian. Both of them are on the same team now, traveling together on the ‘Drop and Roll Tour’. The tour is a show program of the world’s best trial athletes. “It’s just great fun. The structure is like in a small arena with obstacles. Here it counts to have a really good technique and a good style to thrill the fans”, says Wibmer.


The tour will take the athletes throughout Europe. Even a video shoot in the home of MacAskill is planned for the coming months. Wibmer also did a film shooting lately. He published his new video ‘The Hallstatt Wind Down’ on the Internet. “Social media and the Internet are the platforms of our fans. As a sport of a new generation, we create experiences and are storytellers”, said the East Tyrolean. His latest stage was the World Cultural Heritage village of Hallstatt in Upper Austria. Teamed up with the media house LM.Media ( from Linz, he visualized his project.


No fuss and no limits

The team around Fabio pursued a special approach while shooting: Slowing down instead of rushing. “We live in a very busy world. Everything happens very quickly. That’s why we wanted to take the hurry out of it. Trial is pleasure and you also need peace and concentration. In addition, you should enjoy the location you’re biking in”, Wibmer describes. The natural conditions of Hallstatt have thrilled the East Tyrolean in particular. “It was wonderful. The city has many elevation changes due to the lakeside location. You can always find a nice spot for difficult tricks, and the lake completes the picture”, said the trial biker.


Fabio Wibmer shows his skills between the Salzberg and the Hallstättersee, whether on the viewing platforms overlooking the village or in the center itself. The creativity of the 20-year-old has no limits. Also the cooperation with the video production company from Linz was fun for the East Tyrolean. “The guys from LM.Media were great. They have perfectly supported me and my ideas and the images turned out world-class, “Wibmer adds.

Photography: David Lugmayr


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