Transcend MP350 – music player

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Transcend is well known name in the world of electronic gadgets who launched MP350 digital music player a while ago and we got chance to check it out and see if this music player is the one for riders.

Transcend MP350

This portable MP3 player is a stylish yet rugged gadget that boasts an impressive number of features including compact size and light weight, extra strong sport clip, shock and water resistance, long battery life, and a convenient built-in fitness tracker, making it the perfect workout companion.


Shock resistant, water resistant combined with 8GB music storage is what really attracted us. Sounds like a great deal for mountain bikers who love to push their limits and don’t mind crashing once in a while.


The MP350 digital music player features a sleek, durable, and  IPX2 standards water-resistant outer shell that not only looks good but also lets you listen outdoors in all weather conditions.

Although you cannot swim around with this player, but it will function normally if you are riding around in rain or snow. We have come across portable MP3 players which malfunctioned due to sweat! However Transcend MP350 can be used bit carelessly and you don’t have to worry about wherever its clipped.

Transcend MP350 also meets U.S military drop-test standards which mean you won’t have to worry much in-case you crash hard on the trails.



Another great and helpful feature found on this player is the sport clip. The attached sport clip lets you freely connect to pockets, backpacks, jackets or sport suits, giving you convenient hands-free music whether you’re working, exercising, or traveling.


DSC04152We really wanted to see how it operated while riding with gloves.

The operation was bit challenging in the beginning. However, after couple of hours you will get used to operate it with your riding gloves on. The rubber finish body does not slip and grips great.

8GB is quite a storage space. We are still left with at least 1.5 GB to fill in. The music playing function is simple as found in other good MP3 players. There are couple of sound presets which you can adjust according to your music taste. An adjustable equalizer is also part of the software which can be bit confusing sometimes.

A Fitness Tracker is also part of the player software which  allows you to preset the total exercise time or amount of calories you wish to burn, providing that extra incentive needed to complete your workout. Additionally, the MP350 saves a record of each fitness session, helping you monitor your progress and reach your peak.

The player also has a built in micro phone which lets you record voice etc. A recordable FM radio with 20 presets is also another cool feature which is not commonly found in other players.


The earphones provided with Transcend MP350 are of decent quality and comes with removable earhook which are actually pretty helpful. The sound / bass is not extremely superior but does the job well.

DSC04146Transcend MP350 is also provided with a reflective neck strap, USB charging cable, spare ear bud cover and manuals.

Now coming to the main point. The major issue we found with the Transcend MP350 is the slow processing speed. You have to wait for atleast 11 seconds for the player to completely come up. You are welcomed by a bunch of animation. You may face a log of 3 seconds when changing the track. This was bit irritating on couple of occasion. We hope Transcend can fix this issue with some firmware update.

We also advise the prospective users to not plug out the music player without ejecting through the computer software. The player function get corrupted but we managed to fix it by plugging it again and ejecting it properly.

Transcend MP350 specs:

Capacity – 8GB

Dimensions – 67 x 26.5 x 18.3mm (26,38″ x 10,43″ x 7,2″) (with clip)

Weight – 22gms

Display Type and Size – 1″ White Monochrome OLED

Display Resolution – 128×32

Music Formats – MP3, WMA, WAV (IMA_ADPCM)

Recording Format – IMA_ADPCM (WAV)

FM Function – Worldwide – 87.5~108 MHz

Music Playback Time: 16hr (Fully Charged)

Battery Type – Li-Polymer

Compression Rates – 32Kbps to 320Kbps


The bottom line: Transcend MP350 might look like a regular MP3 player, but is definitely a robust player with decent sound quality that will not disappoint you. People involved with outdoor, wilderness active sports will definitely love it as it will not give up easily. We have used the player for 8 hours straight and the battery was asking for more. The claimed playback time is up to 16 hours.

The lag in processing speed is bit disappointing and we hope Transcend can make some updates to fix this issue.

A great water and shock resist musical package overall.

Transcend MP350 can be bought for INR 2250 from various online stores.



Photos: Vineet Sharma | Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine

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