Urban Trails of Manali

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Manali (Himachal Pradesh) aka The Mountain Biking Capital of India offers all kind of natural trails that serves the needs of a DH rider who is looking for big mountain riding to XC enthusiast who craves for challenging climbs, singletracks and lot more.

This town is also packed with some trails connected to the urban areas which are full of unexpected actions one can experience. Stairs, drops, epic singletracks blended with Cows, Dogs, kids running and a lot more.


Naveen Barongpa; Our Himalayan Trail Correspondent who also manages local trails rides with Himalayan Mountain Bike Network shows one of the local trails which starts from Kanyal village and ends in the main town of Manali.

Manali is also the #1 mountain biking destination of India. Visit here to experience some serious trails.

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