Video: 4th Kohima Downhill 2017 | Nagaland, India

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Words: Yanpvuo Kikon


1st – Suman Tamang – S.T. (Nepal)
2nd – Apshai Griffith Niangti (Shillong)
3rd – Prachit Thapa (Nepal)
4th – Gautam Taode (Pune)
5th – Ollie Hemstock (United Kingdom)

Best Local Rider – Seyieo Sekhose (Kohima)

THANK YOU #MTBFAM Indian MTB Community, our sponsors and supporters for making this possible! Without you all none of this would have been possible – Psynyde Bikes (
Lhouvizosier Mezhur Sekhose
Kekhrie Mezhur Sekhose
Chan Kikon
Dr. Ruovinuo Thenuo
Seyie Auto
Winterxmade (

Photographers – Kelen Mekro, Nzan Odyuo, Lunili Awomi

Gopro footage: Seyieo Sekhose
Action Cam: Kele Yhoshu
Drone shots: Bolto Pusa
Candid shots and vlog edited by Yanpvuo Kikon

Most importantly the people of Viswema for warmly welcoming Kohima Downhill to your absolutely serene village!

Track designers led by Ollie Hemstock from UK, and our local track design team Seyieo Sekhose, Kaolim Hanso, Kevilebo Zhotso, Sede Sachii, Atoba Longkumer

Thank you all. Happy New Year!

With Love, Team Native Station (

Mhonjan R. Lotha Seyieo Sekhose Bolto Pusa Avitso Lcho Yanpvuo Kikon Kele Yhoshu Neikesa Yalie Pete Nagi Azo Khusoh

1. Music provided by HearWeGo Artist: A-Gon Title: Her Smile Listen on SoundCloud:… Listen on YouTube:
2. Ikson – Last Summer (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:
3. Artist – Akummika Song – Sakura Link –

Shot with iphone, drone (Xiaomi mi) and GoPro (Hero 4)

Thank you for the love and support of those who believed in our dream, we pulled off our 4th edition of Kohima Downhill with $1170 (Rs.75,000/-) sponsored by young Nagas!

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