Video: Asian Enduro Series 2017 | Rd 1 – Nepal

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The second edition of Asian Enduro Series has successfully concluded along the rugged hills of Nagarkot, east of Kathmandu, with more than 80 participants from 17 countries. The race, organised by Gnarly and based off Hotel Country Villa, took place from 6th to 9th April, the first two days (6th and 7th) being practice days and last two days (8th and 9th) being race days. Riders rolled past the tower and through a melange of jungles, serene settlements and paddy fields. Sponsored by Gravity Nepal and powered by Red Bull, Asian Enduro Series has been organised to promote adventure sports, particularly enduro style of mountain biking, in Nagarkot and Nepal. Asian Enduro Series takes place in four countries, namely Nepal, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia, having been launched in Nepal last year.

Gnarly hopes to make subsequent edition of the races bigger, with more participants, especially international and young Nepali riders.

Nepal’s legendary mountain bike party king – Buntay Pandey
The “Nepali Bullet” Rajesh Magar on his Winning Run.
2017 saw a new course and faster racers.
Nagarkot’s forest trails bring in the wild times.
Full house!
Herman Mann is a seasoned racer, racing DH and Enduro on the Asian circuit.

The 2017 stages had more descents than the previous year.

Winners of AES Nepal 2017:

1st Rajesh Magar (Nepal) | 27:10.3
2nd Rajan Bhandari (Nepal) | 29:54.0
3rd Prabin Rai (Nepal) | 30:05.8

1st Pelden Dorji (Bhutan) | 34:12.6
2nd Bo Percival (Australia) | 35:37.4
3rd Dan Birch (Australia) | 35:56.2

1st Jocelyn Powelson (USA) | 36:06.3
2nd Nishma Shrestha (Nepal) | 39:51.3

1st Neil Avery (UK) | 32:48.7
2nd Weehow Wu (Malaysia) | 33:58.0
3rd Ben Craft (USA) | 36:06.9

1st Prachit Thapa Magar (Nepal) | 30:39.2
2nd Nirav Shrestha (Nepal) | 31:56.1
3rd Deepak Jimee (Nepal) | 33:01.5

Full Race Result:

Photos: Adam Isfendiyar

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