Video: Between the Woods

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Riders: Or Gov / Yonatan Mayan  \\  Film, Edit, Words: Sahar Kaminsky

After three years of military service in Israel, four months of traveling across Asia and three more months at home, I’m super excited to share a new video!

There aren’t many good trails to ride in Israel, and if there is they kept them secret. I knew I wanted to shoot something special for the first time after almost four years I didn’t touch my camera.

I was riding one weekend with a good friend of mine and he took me to his secret trail up in the north. The minute we finished the trail screaming like crazy, I knew this was the place that wanted to shoot a video!

In the next video, you are going to experience a peaceful and calm MTB video, but at the same time with a slight randomness. Expect a powerful experience.

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