Video: Brand of the Brave – DJ Brandt

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This installment of “Brand the the Brave” features American Slopestyle and big mountain rider DJ Brandt.
Originating from the skateparks of Colorado, DJ is a unique athlete who has found his own path through the mountain bike industry. Now commonly known for his downhill bike skills in the hills of Utah, DJ has a special eye for the desert terrain.
Able to combine his technical skatepark ability and big mountain vision, the 25-year-old is able to put together lines that few others would consider.
Brand of the Brave is a series presented by Fiveten and adidas featuring 5 American athletes as they follow their own individual dreams on 2 wheels as part of the Fiveten family and embody the “Brand of the Brave” motto.

Title photo: Dhillon Lemarr/Commencal Bikes



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