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For the first time in India, a film spinning around the BMX theme. Featuring our buddies from team Sharptune and Zealot from Mumbai, NONSENSE is a Malayalam film Directed by M.C.Jithin, about a kid and his BMX aspirations.

The story of the film is very fast and goes through complex situations. The protagonist Rinosh George and his co-stars perform extreme cycle stunts in the film. When we started searching for someone who could help us with these stunts, we got many calls. But none of them could beat one name, Annul Pale! – M.C. Jithin

Annul arranged some training sessions for the actors and did many stunts for them. Very dangerously completed BMX stunts play a pivotal role in the film.  M.C.Jithin

Hasmukh “HASU” Parmar from Mumbai is one of the raddest BMX street riders in India.
Annul Pale, India’s BMX Flatland magician!


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