Video: Enduro Thin Air | Singhe Dandur

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Picking up dust on the laps of the Himalayas. The trails in the arid and chilly terrains of Mustang are no short of an enduro mountain biker’s holy grail.

Singhe Dandur, 12, is an upcoming mountain biker from Nepal and has at a very young age made a promising mark in the country’s biking community.

Singhe attributes his achievement to his loving parents, and stands as a fine example that with unconditional support and encouragement from one’s family, a passion however daring can be pursued regardless of age.

Currently, Singhe is a Gravity Nepal team rider and has already secured podium positions in a few races in Nepal.



Starring: Singhe Dandur

Camera: Tenzing Palden Dibesh Manandhar Anuj Dhoj Adhikary

Production Support: Shyam Limbu Lhanam Dorji

First Day by Huma Huma
Go in Higher by Bensound
Asarai Mahinama by Kutumba
Summer by Bensound
Kalilo Tamalai by Kutumba

Produced by: Gravity Nepal

Directed and Edited by: Anuj Dhoj Adhikary



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