Video: Goa International MTB Challenge 2015

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Mountain biking and Goa . These two terms are rarely used together in the same sentence. But Goa International Mountain Biking Challenge was there to change it, this was the first of its kind race held in the state of Goa. It was a 3 day stage race where the riders from almost 7 countries would have to cross jungles, water streams, rocky roads.

The first stage of this race kicked off on the 16th of October at the Multi Faculty College , Darbondara which had a 4.8km loop. The race flagged off at 9.30 in the morning and saw all the riders make rounds around the track under the Hot Goan Sun!

The second Stage of the race was at held at Ugeum and has the riders stare at the location with their jaws wide open. Due to the showers previous night the course had become super slippery and full of slush. Originally one of the sections of the course was used by the 4×4 car off roaders and was a perfect obstacle course for mountain bikes too.

After having one practice ride around the course and crossing 3 water streams, 1 steep uphill, 2 brutal downhills and an enclosure of 7 hounds (dogs used to the protect property) the riders knew that stage 1 was way easier than stage 2.

The  course was based in a jungle closer to the western ghats, and the green forest served a lot of shade to the riders hiding them from the sun!

The stage 3 was the easiest of them all and was almost a flat trail but due to the rocky terrain of Goa, it was a difficult one for the hardtail bikes.

After the conclusion of the third stage, Roan Tamang and Laxmi from Nepal stood victorious in their respective Categories.


1. Laxmi Magar
2. Aurosylle Bystrom
3. Sowmya Urs

Men (masters)
1. Rainer Dias
2. Raghav Gawda

Men (Open)
1. Buddhi Bahadur Tamang
2. Auro Sukrit
3. Tejasvi

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