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On Saturday, March 19th, Matt Macduff sustained a terrible fall attempting to make his way around the Loop Of Doom. After over 3 years of research, determination, and hard work, Matt had managed find everything he needed to make his project happen. Built in a month at the Garden Route Trail Park, the gigantic structure rose 40 Ft into the sky. The crash left him with 10 fractures in his right wrist and 3 in his right ankle. The story behind the stunt is as impactful as the structure itself. A real story of determination. After spending a week in a South African hospital, Matt is now home in Ontario, working on his rehabilitation. Already able to walk, we caught up with him to get his take on his incredible story. In the previous posts about the Loop of Doom, there was a lot of interrogations from the readers. In this interview, we did our best to cover all the aspects of this project. Keep on reading to take a quick journey through the mind of a young man that is determined to leave an impact on the sport he loves.

The Rise: I know it’s been a long time in the making, but when did you first start thinking about one day hitting a 40ft loop?
Matt: I’ve always seen the loop as a key part of action sports’ history. Once I mastered the 20ft one, I came to realize that the loop could be ridden at a much larger scale.

TR: Do you remember when you rolled up the thing?
Matt: It happened faster than you can snap your fingers. I got in that thing and I was like ‘’oh my god I can’t move!’’. I didn’t know it at the time but I was pulling some crazy G’s…. As soon as I hit the top it was like an explosion… I found forces that I didn’t even know existed… I just compressed and I couldn’t control my bike. Then I remember being in the air. I couldn’t believe what happened… But luckily the fall was so huge that I was able to come to my senses of what was happening to me. When I realized “you peeled off the side of the loop man!” My first thought was… “You shouldn’t have done that man, you’re gonna die!’’ It’s weird because time kinda slowed down a bit. I just peeked my head over, and saw where I was gonna land, I knew that this isn’t gonna feel the best… but I knew that I was gonna live. I knew right away I can survive that impact, maybe I’m not gonna die, I might lose my legs. I remember seeing where I was gonna land and just prepared for landing. Just like when you jump off a 40ft cliff. It’s the same thing just… no water.

TR: Maybe it’s too early to ask it but I’ll just ask it anyway. Considering that right now you are pretty messed up physically, would you consider giving it another try?
Matt: You know what man, I just want to live in the present moment and not think about the future or the past. But if someone would offer me a platform where I believe that I could succeed, I’m not gonna lie man… 100% I’m gonna try it again, because I know it’s possible.

To learn more about Matt and his Loop of Doom, click here to read the full Interview on The Rise.

We want to thank all of the people that supported the Loop of Doom project through Kickstarter, O’Neal, Kali Protectives, Azonic, Five Ten, and Mud Rocker for their support, and special thanks to Northman Co. for helping Matt with his recovery.

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