Video: No Dull Days | Ladakh, India

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By: Unexplored Ladakh 

chutes with perfect loose sand got our bikes acclimatized for some serious riding in the eastern part of Ladakh. A region prominent for it’s vast open highlands and steep mountain lines got us excited for days to follow.
The lines got steeper and the rides a little faster, it was the perfect freeride gateway. We were fortunate enough to witness Veronique Sandler and Hannah Bergeman sending some of the steepest lines in Ladakh last November; when they came to shoot for their Movie ‘Accomplice’. It was a direct inspiration from them that got us pursuing for this trip and filled with gratitude towards Veronique Sandler, who was kind enough to leave her bike with us.
Changthang freeride was an incredible opportunity and a huge learning curve for us all. We were fatigued by the end of it but ceaselessly desiring only to come back for more. Our sincere gratitude to everyone involved from the Tourism Department to the amazing people of Changthang valley we met all along. Here we are sharing a short snippet of a movie we are currently developing around our trip and mountain biking opportunities at Ladakh in general. Let us know what you feel about it and till then keep shredding!

Special thanks to ‘Norbu (Resonance Music Hub)’ and ‘Basshill records’ for the sound track !!!!

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