Video: Red Bull Rampage 2021 – Replay

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The premier big mountain freeride event in the sport, Red Bull Rampage makes an explosive return in 2021. Marking the 20-year anniversary of some of the biggest and baddest tricks, lines and moments in freeriding history, 15 of the world’s best riders descended upon the rugged desert landscape of southern Utah on October 15.

RUN 1:

Cam Zink: 19:00

Jaxson Riddle: 25:46

Kurt Sorge: 35:37

Reed Boggs: 42:50

Thomas Genon: 47:53

Vinny T: 53:18

Kyle Strait: 1:00:45

Ethan Nell: 1:10:40

Szymon Godziek: 1:16:52

Tyler McCaul: 1:22:35

Tom van Steenbergen 1:37:05

Brandon Semenuk: 2:11:36

RUN 2:

Brandon Semenuk: 2:42:08

Jaxson Riddle: 2:47:40

Cam Zink: 2:52:45

Szymon Godziek: 2:58:53

Reed Boggs: 3:04:50

Ethan Nell: 3:11:20

Kurt Sorge: 3:16:58

Thomas Genon: 3:23:00

Tyler McCaul: 3:30:00

Kyle Strait: 3:36:35


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