Video: Rough AF 2 | Jordie Lunn

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The legendary lunatic action figure – Jordie Lunn is back with his new cut – Rough AF 2. Repping freeride before 29ers became a rage!

The build for Rough AF 2 was much more ambitious than the first! About five months of hard digging, cutting and wondering how each line would ride. There were definitely a few stunts that had me second guessing myself! It was a super fun project, and everything rode quite well in the end. I was pumped for Kali’s support on this build and for sending Sterling Lorence over! It had been quite a few years since we’ve shot together, so I was pretty excited to show him what I’d been working on. On to the next build now!” – Jordie Lunn

Jordie Lunn, putting Free in Freeriding. Photo: @EyeRoam

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