Video: Spiti Awakening

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Tucked away from civilization, hidden from the bipeds, rests a surreal mountain scape in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh – Spiti. At an altitude of about 4500m, Spiti has many unexplored riding zones.

Vinay Menon and Ajay Padval testing Spiti gravel \\ Photo: Vinay Menon.
Descents like these, called for 4 Hour hikes.
Our Trail Correspondent Ajay Padval blending into the surroundings very well.

The past couple of years I’ve been wandering in this region, looking for trails and cliffs to ride off of and have started to see more in each visit. Having dug out some trails with ace trail creator Steve Storey a few seasons ago, my visit this time was circled up.

Drifty days in Spiti \\ Photo: Kaushik Sinha
Hopping over boulders on a 4km long descent, Ajay keeping things light.

Joined by my team buddy Ajay Padval and videographer, Kaushik Sinha, we drove through the dry landscape, riding some marked and some previously untouched mountains. Camping, living in village homes, bunking in our truck, Spiti kept us powered up for our visit’s entirety.

Descent with a view! Rider: Ajay Padval \\ Photo: Vinay Menon
Boulders make for some good take offs! A quick tweak for the day.
Selfie Air time in Spiti!

Huffing up the hill with our bikes followed by drifty descents at altitudes made riding in Spiti interesting! A week of spinning in, Spiti Valley has only shared its dusty crust. What’s hidden in this valley, only time will tell!

Follow the buddy? Off the mountain face! Vinay tossing off as Ajay eyes his line \\ Photo: Kaushik Sinha

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Words/Photos: Vinay Menon

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