Video: SYNERGY | Johny Salido

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Johny Salido takes over red mud with finesse and might. In this latest edit “Synergy”, he based himself in Sevier Desert of Utah together with Mazawi. Johny really shows what he’s capable of, hitting Utah’s big jumps and freeride lines.

Producer: HombreMono  \\ Director: Tawers Torres  \\ DP: Juan Diego Taylor

In the edit, Johny is in his favorite ride location, bringing back some Rampage feelings. It has been a life dream of him competing at Rampage which hasn’t been truly fulfilled yet, because he injured himself there in 2019 on a practice-run just before the actual event.

This time, Johny went back to Utah together with Charlie, the owner of Mazawi, and “redeemed himself” by turning off the fire in his hand. He shows impressive riding in the most prestigious desert in the MTB world, riding with his Mazawi Yú Signature shoe – Yú means dirt in Zapoteco, a Mexican culture.

Johny Salido:

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