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Words: Giacomo Großehagenbrock

With our video series “We Develop a Bike Frame” we documented one of our biggest dreams coming to reality. Our idea was to design and build a high pivot point enduro bike which stays active on the brake, accelerates and climbs like a trail bike but sends like a DH bike.

Big dream, we know! But we can pretty much tell that we did it. These three videos show you how we struggled to build the frame, how we built an actual test bike and the riding impressions over the first four months of testing.

The subtitle “From Idea to Prototype” basically already says it, the first season will end with the successfully built and tested the prototype in this article. But as so many people got so excited about the project we are planning on a second season which will document the journey from Prototype to Market Release. We are super excited to share all of this with you guys and we really value your feedback.

Giacomo racing the prototype in Iran \\ Photo: @kasraazad

Watch episodes 11-13 of the YouTube series:

As a German Developer, we recorded the videos in our mother language but we provide English Subtitles for our international audience (click CC in the lower right).

We Develop a Bike Frame / E11 // Bike Frame Assembly

In this episode, we struggle building the first prototype due to some misalignment. This can happen and that’s why we build prototypes but it’s hard to deal with if you are so keen for the ride. At first, we discussed to not showing the video like anybody else but we wanted to be 100% on the project and show success and failure.

Giaco and Stefan from 77designz assembling the first prototype

We Develop a Bike Frame / E12 // Bike Assembly

In this episode, Giacomo finally builds the first complete bike. It actually happened after he had a hard time working around the alignment issue.

We Develop a Bike Frame / E13 // Field Testing

In this episode, we are finally riding the prototype and we are super stoked on what we have achieved.

The first protype of the 29″ VHP Enduro Bike
The chain get rerouted using an idler pulley to design the Anti Squat

What are the next steps.

Right now we are fixing design issues and optimizing manufacturability in order to produce the pilot production sometime in spring. One of the frames will go for fatigue testing and the others to close friends. If everything works as planned we will be able to accept orders sometime in autumn. It’s a huge step for us as we are a small components brand but as we are so convinced by the performance of the concept we really want to offer the frame to a larger audience. We will share the whole journey here and on YouTube so you better sign up.


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