Vindreckers Enduro Championship 2018 | Bangladesh

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Introducing Enduro and Downhill mountain bike racing in Bangladesh, Vindreckers got clocking with their Enduro Championship this February in peaceful, green Mirshorai in Chittagong.

The Vindreckers Enduro Championship 2018  (VEC’18) had a good start line from beginners to experienced riders. With 35 racers ready with their number plates, for a first time event, the VEC’18 looked promising.

Hasibul Hussain rode well to pull off the 2nd fastest time of the day.

Due to the longer trails connecting several hills in the region, an “Enduro” style race was the best choice for the organizers. With a distance of 3.3kms the 4 chosen trails included about 10% climb, 5% flat sections, the rest 85% was technical along with flowy descents.

Jeep tracks are fun when blazed through. Onto a 5th place finish – Salsabil Majumdar Turjo

Keeping the pace up in Women’s Category, Nishat Anjum on her way to the top spot on the podium.
Hardtail speedster, Delwar Hossain on his way to a 4th spot.
WINNER – Niloy Chy staying fast on the smooth bits.
Keya Ferdous clocked fast timings through each stage, but was disqualified and had to stay off the podium.
Onto a 3rd place finish, Sabbir Khan

Look at the time….look at the time!

Crashes are inevitable in mountain biking. If you go fast, sometimes… you spill!

Smile! You are on “Live Stream”!
The hardtailers are a tough bunch. Occasionally having no suspension may cause a wreck. Nayan Ridoy crashing his way to a 9th place finish.
Good he’s got a full face helmet on! This one’s going to be dusty!
Even the village kids enjoyed watching the dusty mountain bikers.


The Podium crew \\  WINNER – Niloy Chy with 2nd place winner – Hasibul Hussain, Sabbir Khan in 3rd, Delwar Hossain in 4th place and  Salsabil Majumdar Turjo in 5th.   
WINNER of the Women’s category – Nishat Anjum
A team that rides together, high-fives together.



BIB NUMBER Racer Name Total Position
1 Asif Akter 6.15 12
2 Salsabil Majumdar Turjo 5.19 5
3 Arafat Rahman 5.57 11
4 Shoshy Roy 6.41 15
5 Hasibul Hussain 4.48 2
6 Nayan Ridoy 5.37 9
7 Delwar Hossain 5.17 4
9 Sabbir Khan 5.06 3
10 Emon N/A N/A
11 Mohammed Zahin 5.38 10
12 Rony Sheikh 7.08 17
13 Tareq Mahmud 7.10 18
15 Shawon Dutta 5.38 10
16 WBH Rafi 7.24 19
17 Nayeem Hasan 6.17 13
18 Habib Ahsan 6.41 15
20 Sadik Shaon 5.23 6
21 Razib Hossain 5.34 8
22 Mahesh 7.34 20
23 Arafat Prince N/A N/A
24 Abid Rahman 5.33 7
25 Mizan 7.19 18
27 Maeen CHY 6.51 12
28 Hasib Kamal 6.55 16
29 Mazharul Islam Tushar 6.18 14
30 Mujibur Rahman Moni 8.19 21
32 Niloy Chy 4.09 1


1 Ayesha Siddika DNS DNS DNS N/A N?A
2 Keya Ferdous 2.41 4.05 3.02 Disqualify 11.12 N/A
3 Nishat Anjum 5.19 4.38 3.25 13.38 1

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