Wellgo MG-233 Pedals

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Wellgo MG-233 Pedals

By: Vineet Sharma

Also featured in Issue #17 | Sept 2013

Wellgo Pedal’s Corp. is one of the leading pedal manufacturers from Taiwan and has been in this industry for over 16 years.  We tried their eye catching red; magnesium platform pedal, MG-233. It’s construction looks simple and yet sturdy.  These magnesium body pedals comes with replaceable spikes which gives great gripping on almost all kind of terrain. Wellgo MG-233 pedals also features sealed DU bushing and a CNC machined Cromo spingle. This packed weighs 350gms only and is not expensive like other brands which offers same quality.


The pedals performed perfectly in rain and mud and are still asking for more. The rubber cap does the job well and does not allow the dirt to enter the spindle at all.

Overall these pedals are light enough for trail or DH riding and are strong enough so far and the paint job will come off eventually.



Body : Magnesium, Painted Colour

Spindle:  CNC machined Cr Mo

Bearing : Seald DU bushing

Axle:  9/16″

Weight:  350g


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